What's replacing these three overused holiday decorating trends this year?

Decorating for the holidays may be done in two ways: either you start bringing out the lights from storage before summer even transitions into fall, or you decorate the halls just a few days—or even hours—before Santa Claus arrives.

But no matter how early you begin your Christmas decorating, there's a high chance you're sick of staring at the same red and green plaid Christmas tree skirt year after year. (We are aware because we are.)

Those cherished decorations you bring out year after year will always have space. But if you're ready for a change, we can support you. We surveyed interior designers from coast to coast to find out which holiday décor themes are no longer popular and what is replacing them.

Just be sure to stay true to yourself in all you do.

Have fun with it! Decorating your home for the holidays should be a personal expression of joy and celebration for the season.

Are you ready to showcase your creativity? Try the new and noteworthy trends instead of these out-of-date ones.

Outdated Trend: Traditional candles

You can use circular candles and candleholders with a traditional appearance all year long in your home. However, the holiday season calls for something more impressive.

Trending: Unique-shaped candles and lights

Why not experiment with geometric candles or candleholders with unusual shapes to give your holiday-scented decor elements some depth? Uniquely shaped candles may initially appear odd for the holidays, but this design can tell a story.

Outdated Trend: Minimalist decor

The minimalist holiday aesthetic had its day, but now is the time to embrace your wild side.

Trending: Eccentric knickknacks

Eccentric and outright weird decor pieces are in demand. We're even noticing a rise in gnome interest! Go big with your tree decoration using oversized glass ornaments and rattan reindeer. For a more striking tree-trimming style, switch up the corresponding ribbon colors.

Outdated Trend: Expected holiday colors

Red and green are still typical Christmas hues and are probably present in many of your existing holiday decorations. Holiday-themed colors will never be "out." However, many people keep the season simple by using earthier hues, textured neutrals, and more grounded tones.

Trending: Earth tones

This year, when decorating the holidays, let nature be your guide. Choose whites and earth tones inspired by snow for your holiday decor motif. As we mentioned before, traditional red and green are classic. Don't, however, dismiss green out of hand. Earth tones will always be in style, unlike other "louder" color trends. This color combination exudes class and luxury.

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