What are Your Real Estate Goals

It seems easy enough to respond when your real estate agent asks you to "tell me about yourself and your real estate aspirations" the first time you meet or chat with them. Common responses include "I need more space" or "I'm prepared to downsize."

While the motivation for change may lie in these responses, they fail to offer the specific information your agent needs to locate the ideal potential residences. This eventually hinders your ability to discover the ideal housing alternative for you and results in irritation and a waste of time and energy on both sides.

Think carefully about your needs before meeting with your agent. Be explicit about what you mean, for instance, when you say that you require more space. For a home office or a newborn, do you require more bedrooms? Which would you choose, a bigger yard or a bigger kitchen? What does "space" mean to you, in other words?

Talk in detail about your way of life as well. Would a single "great room" be preferable to separate living and dining spaces? Would you like to reside near a park or a school? Would you value living in a closed-off neighborhood? Just a handful of the details your agent has to be aware of are listed above.

Your agent wants to give you the greatest possibilities to tour because it will be efficient for both your and their schedules. If only four properties can meet your needs, there is no point in spending your weekend viewing 25 homes. You can find the ideal property more quickly and save time by having more precise conversations up front.

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