Tips for Choosing Indoor plants

Natural design has been popular in recent years. Wood, stone, and fabrics from sustainable sources offer basic beauty but a tremendous change to rooms around the home. Soft beiges, creams, and browns are typical color palettes for these materials; nice tones without a spark of color produce chilly, dull spaces that lack character.

Designers and stagers are incorporating plants to give dimension and warmth in keeping with the natural theme. Plants require more thinking than simply placing a nice pot on a coffee table. Here are some ideas for using plants in a home staging:

1. Stands and Pots
Make sure that the pots or stands you choose are suitable and match the interior style of the space. Choose a variety of colors, heights, and textures.

2. Choose Low-Maintenance Plants
Select plants that do not demand a lot of attention or water. This is incredibly useful if the house is on the market.

3. No Pollen
Asking ahead of time if a plant can cause allergies will help guests and shoppers avoid issues.

4. Elevate Home Features
Plants that are bright will draw attention. Consider using a tall plant to attract attention to a beautiful view or a showy bloom to highlight the ceiling height.

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