Things to Avoid in Home Selling for Starters

The real estate industry went ridiculously competitive during the pandemic. From home bidding wars to very high prices, these high expectations might lead you to possible pitfalls, especially if you're selling for the first time. Here are some things that you wish to avoid to close your sale with a big smile.

1. Thinking a Hot Market will Last

While the seller's market may take some time to peak, interest rates are projected to rise this year, reducing the pool of eager purchasers. Untrained sellers may reject a good offer or even wait to list their home hoping that prices will continue to rise.

2. F-S-B-O

After all, "For Sale By Owner," houses can't be placed on the Multiple Listing Service, where most home purchasers look. And if you want to reach a vast audience and get the most outstanding pricing, you'll need this visibility.

Additionally, having an agent on your side is quite beneficial in this day of bidding wars. Navigating a flurry of "highest and best offer" bids is difficult for a novice!

As good as it sounds, FSBO isn't a ticket to extra profit. You will need a broker in the picture to avoid risks in this situation.


Take the "red-hot market = super high list price" mindset off your game. Sellers might be intimidating, but it's better to list lower than your target and let the market work for you.

The greater the interest, the higher the price will undoubtedly rise as eager buyers compete for it. With a lower asking price, you'll get more interest.

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