Things to Avoid After Moving In

If you just recently bought a new home, congratulations! But hold your horses. Moving in for the first time is quite tricky. A lot could go wrong, like unflattering paint colors and pieces of furniture. Hence, here are some things to avoid after moving in to save you from regrets.
Not Checking Small Areas Before Painting the Entire House
To avoid color emergencies, thoroughly check the house's interior and exterior to ensure that the colors will complement each other. If in doubt, you can look for inspiration online or call your friendly color consultant in the neighborhood.
Throwing All Old Furnitures
Take the time to check the simplest things you can turn into a masterpiece! Try not to toss everything to the curb. You'll be surprised with the money you saved and the free creative and curated look you created in your new home.
Too Much Darkness
A dark home may be aesthetically pleasing to others, but too much darkness to the point where people inside could barely see is something that you want to avoid. When decorating a room, you have to remember the time of day or season where the light falls in different areas of your home. That way, you can create a cozy home that doesn't feel like a cave.
Impulsing Buying
Before buying furniture that doesn't fit the stairwell or doesn't fit the room's mood, planning your purchase ahead of time will save you from regrets and spending a lot of money. Take the time to take notes and plan before going to stores and only buy major pieces such as chairs, beds, and more after making sure that they will fit the house's style.
Working Against Home's Style
In decorating, don't clash against your home's architecture. Instead of forcing decors that don't fit your home's style, embrace it and make it better from there.
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