Summer Interior Design Trends 2022

Summer Interior Design Trends 2022

Summer is almost here and the changing of the seasons is a perfect time to alter your home's style and feel. The 2022 summer interior design trends will assist you in making your home as warm and inviting as the outdoors. If you enjoy sunny days on a tropical beach, incorporate the spirit of summer into your interior design approach!

1. Indoor Greens

Why hinder your view of nature's grandeur now that the trees outside have completely bloomed again? Try decorating with tall house plants like a monstera or a snake plant to fit in with the summer interior design trends in 2022. These house plants are works of art, bringing a splash of color to any area. If you don't have a green thumb, consider fake plants that look realistic. That way, you may have a small garden in your home without worrying about forgetting to water the plants.

2. Bringing the Shine

A bit of glitz and glam won't hurt. Warm metallics such as bronze, copper, brass, gold, and rose gold are popular in this summer's interior design trends. Use your imagination when it comes to metallic touches. Consider candleholders, picture frames, lampshades, ornamental bowls, and plant pots.

If you're on a budget or looking for a fun craft project with the family, consider painting your existing candle holders, plant pots, picture frames, and other decor using metallic paint.

3. Oh, Boho!

Boho style is a trend that comes and goes. However, this traditionally relaxed vibe is making a comeback in the top summer interior design trends of 2022. Light-washed hardwood furniture is balanced with beautiful fiber art pieces such as woven fabrics or dreamcatchers.

Consider incorporating some strong colors and patterns into your interior as the sun shines brighter and the trees become greener. You will feel refreshed and inspired in your home if you follow the summer interior design trends.

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