How to Eliminate the Smell of Smoke in a House

Do you want to know how to get smoke out of a house? Cigarette smoke is a significant turnoff that can lower your home's value. Or perhaps you bought a smoker's house. It's time to clear the air in either case! After all, the odor of cigarette smoke isn't merely a minor concern. Nonsmoking new owners (particularly children and pets) may still be exposed to harmful toxins for months even after smokers have moved out. Cigarette smoke can contaminate your home's indoor air quality, causing asthma, headaches, nausea, tiredness, and a higher risk of lung cancer.
You do not need to mention that the previous owners smoke if you sell it. Nonetheless, a strong odor will rapidly turn off potential buyers, especially if they are non-smokers, making it more challenging to sell your house. What's the good news? It is feasible to remove the smell of smoke from a house with some effort. Here's what you should do.
Improve the Air Quality
Opening your windows and letting in fresh air is a simple way to eliminate accumulated toxins in your home. An air filter, particularly one with a HEPA filter and a charcoal odor filter, will aid in the removal of dust and particle matter. In rooms with a strong smoke odor, Ciresi recommends using a dehumidifier. Odors are held in moist air, which intensifies the smell. The stench will go faster if the air is dried out.
Take Care of the Drywall.
Drywall absorbs any odors that it is exposed to frequently. Unfortunately, you won't be able to replace the drywall in your home. Instead, carefully clean your walls and ceilings, including door frames, window frames, baseboards, fan blades, and light fittings, to remove any dust. Cleaning can be done using vinegar or a solution of trisodium phosphate (TSP) and water.
Use the Air Freshener Gently.
If you're concerned about smoke odors repelling potential buyers, scented candles and air fresheners might sound like a good idea. Unfortunately, this screams "something in the house smells bad," even if you've managed to eliminate the olfactory evidence of any residents' smoking habits. Being confronted with a wall of artificial flower smell is a red flag that will cause many people to scrutinize your home's smells more closely. It's always better to wipe out rather than cover up any strong household odors, from cigarettes to pets.
Your Air Ducts Should Be Cleaned.
Aside from the HVAC, your ductwork may have never been cleaned. Years of exposure can coat ducts in tar, nicotine, and other unpleasant smoking byproducts.
You'll have to pay a professional to clean your air ducts, but it's necessary if your air conditioner or heater emits a stale odor.
Make Sure to Clean the Carpets
Carpet is notorious for absorbing scents. If your carpet is wall-to-wall, consider spraying baking soda or an odor-reducing solution on it before vacuuming. However, you may need to have the carpets steam cleaned professionally. Carpets may need to be destroyed or replaced if the odor is severe.
A routine mopping should do for wood or tile floors, but if the floor is smelling, consider mopping with vinegar or the TSP combination.
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