Fall Decoration Trend for 2022

It's finally pumpkin spice latte season! Even though not everything has come in yet, it's already obvious that there are a few noteworthy autumn 2022 decor trends to be aware of when you update your space this season.

Fortunately, many of these are merely transferring over from the summer with minor revisions for those who prefer to stay current. Love the blue and green colors that have been popular recently? They're receiving the gem treatment this fall. Have a thing for curved silhouettes? Designers believe that they will continue to exist, albeit with a more organic twist. Even the stone trend that TZR covered in April will persist, with specialists projecting an increase in marble sculptures with warm tones.

Of course, there are some new things to try, but implementing the upcoming trends will probably only require a few minor alterations to your summer style which is good news for both your wallet and your calendar.

Warm Wood Tones with Earthy Color Schemes

Fall color trends include lighter, earthy palettes and warm walnut wood tones. An abstract wooden coffee table is a terrific method to sample the style if you wish to include it.

The aforementioned pale, earthy color scheme will be provided by rattans and braided, fibrous materials. As the temperatures drop, embrace their softer, more golden tones despite the fact that it may appear paradoxical. From serving trays and baskets around plants to wall coverings and pendant lights, this is simple to incorporate into everything. Utilizing furnishings in this hue family will feel new and also give your room an island ambiance.


Marble isn't exactly a recent fashion. But instead of the cooler tones of Carrara marble, this fall's perennial favorite is moving toward warmer reds and browns. Having said that, don't fully rule out those icier tones. Retailers like CB2 have recently introduced lines full of white marble pieces, while Venus Et Fleur recently debuted an entire stone collection replete with gray marble vases, all of which indicate that the material will be widely used this season.


Jenn Feldman, the creator of Jenn Feldman Designs, lists a number of emerging fall trends she has noticed taking off. This includes "checkerboard patterning on fabrics and wall coverings, plaster walls in moody, non-white colors, and a craving for vintage art and 'imperfectly perfect' gallery walls, mixing all kinds of shapes, sizes, and mediums," according to Feldman. While these trends may appear to be all over the place, Feldman argues that when taken all at once, they form one major theme: They all add "familiar comfort and loads of layering and texture to spaces! If it doesn't feel like fall, we're not sure what does.

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