Empty House Preparation Tips

Should an empty house be "prepped"? This is about improving the unoccupied home's appeal to purchasers, not about furnishing it with furniture or adding plants.

Even a vacant property needs work before it's ready for showings; however not all properties require furnishings to sell quickly and for top cash. Remove everything that can prevent a buyer from viewing the house in its best light and emphasize its best characteristics.

What Things Should You Take Out of a Vacant House?

🠮 Out-of-date window coverings should be removed. Venetian blinds and outmoded drapes are also distracting.

🠮 Check those areas for dead insects, cobwebs, and dust. Spider Webs and Dust Balls

🠮 Don't be tempted to leave any indoor or outdoor furnishings that you no longer want.

🠮 Dead Leaves: Clean up the yard and get rid of all the trash.

🠮 Remove dirt from the windows, shelves, sink, dishwasher, baseboards, and anything else that isn't clean.

🠮 Items left over include old batteries in drawers and hangers from closets.

🠮 Cable and cords should be removed or hidden to prevent damage to floors and walls.

🠮 Old, worn-out, stained, or dated carpet should be replaced.

Homes that are vacant provide potential buyers with a clean canvas. Remove any distractions and anything that gives the impression that the home is old, dirty, or shabby in order to make it appear clean, fresh, and ready for showings.

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