A Guide to Downsizing

You are moving into a smaller place and have no idea what to do with everything you have accumulated over the years.  Whether you are downsizing or rightsizing, many people think about moving from a larger home at some point in their lives. This move is frequently undertaken following the child-rearing years when homeowners decide they don't need the extra bedrooms or living space and want a smaller (and easier to maintain!) home. They have gathered things to fill the space they aren't ready to part with, which is the problem, yet all of their possessions wouldn't fit in a smaller house.

Sort your belongings into three piles: keep, donate, and trash if you're thinking about this kind of downsizing. Here are some creative methods to store your belongings in the new, smaller space after you've donated, trashed, and stored what you can.

Closets - Consider scheduling a closet consultation to ensure you make the most of your closet space. This applies to the kitchen pantry, the hallway coat closet, and not just the bedrooms.

Repurpose - Examine your furniture—and Pinterest—carefully. You'll discover some beautiful applications for some of your favorite pieces.

Digitize - Now is the ideal moment to convert your crucial documents and photos to digital format. Some businesses specialize in moving your goods for later access, from priceless photos to tax records.

Baskets and Organizers - There are many beautiful options for cube storage units that include baskets to hold additional goods for convenient access when needed.

Multipurpose pieces of Furniture - Look for pieces of furniture with concealed storage, like an ottoman or coffee table with drawers for additional pillows, blankets, games, or books.

You don't need to let go of everything you cherish when you downsize. Sift through your priorities, and then apply some of these tips to store your prized possessions without filling up your new house with clutter.

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