4 Trending Living Room Styles Today

We are all aware of enduringly fashionable home design trends like boho and midcentury modern. But what if your sense of design is somewhere in between two styles?

Your home's interior decor is likely to be a fusion of various different decorating styles, and your living room most likely best reflects your aesthetic preference.
Here are four creative living room looks that present a mashup of two different types rather than single design aspects.

There is no shortage of décor ideas that will help you spruce up the decor in your living room, whether you decide to copy the following aesthetics in their entirety or pick out individual components, such as a gilded mirror or a baby blue sofa.

Vintage Glitz

It has the ideal amount of glitz to become your next go-to living room style.Because mid-century modern design features such clean lines, adding a little sparkle and glam to it works so nicely.

Victorian Gloominess

Vintage living room's black walls are everything, and they perfectly establish the mood.
Elegant refinement at its best! The gold sconces and chandelier are the ideal complement to this space's Victorian aesthetic and feel.

Nordic-artsy Style

Don't like drama from the Victorian era? Then, check out this equally gorgeous (albeit much brighter) Scandi-artsy look! The ideal illustration of a design concept that combines a minimalist Scandinavian sensibility with whimsical, painterly elements is this vibrant, contemporary living room.

Living rooms are no longer only used for bland white couches and mass-produced, neutral paintings. The colorful elements of this space stand out without being overpowering against a backdrop of bright, white walls and white draperies.

Millennial-era Grand Maximalism

When you can go all out with a "grand millennial" maximalist living room, why settle for simple? For a few years now, the grand millennial interior design trend has been on the rise, and this living room, in particular, is a prime example of how maximalist this style can go.

The symmetrical design and neutral furnishings help to keep the space coherent despite the variety of patterns present. The gorgeous furniture is given center stage by the wood flooring, jute mat, and white walls.

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