3 Steps to a Functional Junk Drawer

1. Organize the Junk

Take inventory of your junk drawer before you start organizing it.
Is it stuff that should be stored elsewhere, or are there mostly things that belong there, such as miscellaneous goods with no other logical home? Is there anything that's broken, expired, or otherwise useless? You should think about all of these things. Sort your garbage into four piles: things to put back in the drawer, things to donate, and trash. This will aid you in the decluttering process.

2. Designate a Junk Drawer for Each Member in the House

Giving everyone in your home a dedicated location to keep their miscellaneous items is a terrific way to organize everything you wish to keep. Bins or personal junk drawers could be used for this. If there is enough space for each person to have their own space, this is ideal. It makes each person responsible for their belongings, organization, and upkeep.

3. The Things Inside Should Make Sense

Make a strategy for how you want your junk drawer to look, then arrange it up according to that plan. There's nothing wrong with having a junk drawer as long as the contents make sense and are kept in an orderly manner. Instead of having a drawer that serves as a dumping ground for miscellaneous items, you'll have one that is genuinely functional by keeping only the things you really need nearby (and putting the rest away).

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